Where Will Tom Brady Sign?


For the first time ever, Tom Brady is going to be an unrestricted free agent after 20 years with New England Patriots. Brady is the first NFL player to spend 20 years with a single team and then leave for a different team.

Now the question is where will he go?

Here is my top 3 landing spots in order:

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Location, Location, Location: 3/10

Weather is great, but Tampa Bay is absolutely disgusting and no place for the greatest QB of all-time and his super model wife. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lived in like Miami and choppered in or private jet in everyday.

Head Coach Bruce Arians: 7/10

Love coach Arians as he’s been around for decades and is Temple Tuff! I would love to see Tom in a Temple Tuff system!

Overall: 5/10

Still a very good possibility, especially since they are reportedly throwing the bag at Tom, but Tom has never gone after the money.


2. Los Angeles Chargers

Location, Location, Location: 9/10

Tom is a California kid, born and raised in San Mateo just outside of San Francisco about a 6 hour drive from from LA, or in Tom’s case a quick hour and a half private jet flight.

Beautiful sunny Los Angeles is hard to resist, especially if you just launched your new production company called 199 Productions. 199 is a reference to the 199th pick he was in the 2000 NFL Draft.

Head Coach Anthony Lynn: 4/10

A running backs coach journey man that has been the Head Coach of the Chargers since 2017. He did spend from 2009-2016 in the AFC East, so he is familiar with Tom Brady, so that is the most optimistic positive I can find.

Overall: 13/10

The location is key in this option! Just like high school social studies class taught us all: location, location, location.

1. Las Vegas Raiders

Location, Location, Location: 8/10

Las Vegas is just as warm and beautiful as Los Angeles, minus the beaches! But you are only an hour and ten minute flight (4-hour drive) away from Los Angeles. Still very feasible to transport to and from 199 Productions.

Head Coach Jon Gruden: 8/10

I love Jon Gruden. He is a QB master, growing up watching him breakdown every QB on ESPN’s “Gruden’s QB Camp,” you know he’s a guru. Am I biased from that, absolutely.

Overall: 16/10

Did the Raiders just get Marcus Mariota? Yes. Can they get rid of Derek Carr or Marcus? Yes. A new branding of a franchise in Las Vegas with Tom Brady would be electric to see! Make it happen Mark Davis!

Where ever Brady lands we can all agree that the matchup of the century will be Tom vs. Bill. That is one game we can’t wait to see.


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