Racism in Higher Education, NCAA Athletics, & NCAA Gymnastics Part 2

Since the release of my previous article “Racism in NCAA Gymnastics,” I received feedback from many current & former student-athletes, coaches on all levels, friends, family, and strangers. The majority of the responses have been supportive and positive, but there are always going to be detractors and negative responses when speaking out on something likeContinue reading “Racism in Higher Education, NCAA Athletics, & NCAA Gymnastics Part 2”

Racism in NCAA Gymnastics

I spent three years as an Assistant Gymnastics Coach at an NCAA Division I institution from 2016 to 2019. I was fresh out of college with my bachelor’s degree from an extremely diverse university and the youngest full-time NCAA Gymnastics coach in the Nation at 22 years old in 2016. I had joined this programContinue reading “Racism in NCAA Gymnastics”

2020 NFL Draft Preview

Here is my first ten picks in the 2020 NFL Draft, along with a look at where I think some college football stars will land. Be sure to listen to the latest episode of The Nest College Football Podcast with Tony Bono and NFL Draft Analyst Matt Giannettino for the full analysis on these picks andContinue reading “2020 NFL Draft Preview”

Craziest Day in Sports History – March 11, 2020 or June 17, 1994?

June 17, 1994 OJ Simpson Bronco car chase Arnold Palmer played final round of the 1994 US Open 1994 FIFA World Cup hosted for first time ever in by the US New York Rangers Stanley Cup Finals parade in NYC Game 5 of the NBA Finals – Knicks vs. Rockets Until yesterday, March 11, 2020,Continue reading “Craziest Day in Sports History – March 11, 2020 or June 17, 1994?”

Universities Closing & Sporting Events Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional* Harvard became one of the first Universities in the US to announce this week that they will be cancelling the remainder of the school year and that students will be forced to be off campus by Sunday, March 15th with all classes transitioning to online. Since then, thereContinue reading “Universities Closing & Sporting Events Cancelled Due to Coronavirus”