The Day the World Stood Still

Earlier today I asked if yesterday, March 11, 2020 was the craziest day in sports history. I was very wrong. Today, March 12, 2020 has easily overshadowed yesterday with the cancellation of Sport.

Every single Sport you can think of has been cancelled, suspended, or is done for the foreseeable future, with the exception of UFC and NASCAR (for now). Earlier today, NCAA March Madness along with all NCAA Winter & Spring sports have been cancelled for the remainder of the academic year.


NBA has continued to be suspended as I wrote about earlier, but with an update that Rudy Gobert infected his teammate, Donovan Mitchell with Coronavirus while carelessly touching everything in the locker room.

NFL has stated they are planning to start the league calendar on schedule (March 18), but many organizations have pulled their staff and scouts off the road immediately. 

The NFL has also announced the cancellation of some other meetings and smaller combines.

NHL has suspended their season for the time being.

PGA just announced they will be cancelling The Players Championship this weekend.

MLB has cancelled the remainder of Spring Training and pushed back Opening Day 2-weeks.

MLS has suspended their league operations for 30-days.

As of now the UFC fight in Brazil this weekend is still on for Fight Night 170 on Saturday, March 14 8pm EST on ESPN+. As for Fight Night 171 on Saturday, March 21 at 4pm in London, England that is still up in the air, but as for now is still on. Both events have been closed to the public with a capacity of 100 people in the arena.

NASCAR is also still a go for this weekend in Atlanta but with ZERO fans in attendance.

It is terribly sad for the NCAA student-athletes that had their seasons ended abruptly in all sports impacted today, especially the seniors. With the NCAA being such a different beast from these professional leagues there is no possible way for these seasons, post seasons, or tournaments to be salvaged or made up in the future. The record books in the NCAA will be awfully empty for the year 2020.

This is something so unprecedented we are seeing with not just the sports world standing still but the entire world coming to a stand still. Not since September 11, 2001 have we seen anything like this. I even asked my Dad, if her had seen anything in his lifetime that made the world stop, he said JFK assassination would be the closest but he was a baby and nothing compared to what we witnessed today.

If the Coronavirus is able to be taken under control, we may be seeing a very busy summer of professional sports. MLB, NBA, NHL, & MLS all in season at the same time during what is usually the most boring time on the sports calendar.IMG_1381 2

Craziest Day in Sports History – March 11, 2020 or June 17, 1994?

June 17, 1994

  • OJ Simpson Bronco car chase
  • Arnold Palmer played final round of the 1994 US Open
  • 1994 FIFA World Cup hosted for first time ever in by the US
  • New York Rangers Stanley Cup Finals parade in NYC
  • Game 5 of the NBA Finals – Knicks vs. Rockets

Until yesterday, March 11, 2020, this was the craziest day in sports history with six major events happening throughout the day. While yesterday was a little different in the fact of a breaking news timeline as opposed to to events happening across the Nation like FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals Parade, and US Open.

Here is a look of the timeline from yesterday:

March 11, 2020

We are now going to be likely entering the territory of ZERO sports and events at any and all levels. Many of these tournaments closed their tournaments to the general public, but once a player or staff member is confirmed with Coronavirus, that tournament/event will follow suit with the NBA.

Sooner than later we will be at a day of ZERO sports and events taking place. A day that the likes of this world likely hasn’t seen in about a hundred years.

We are potentially setting up for June (or July) Madness. The craziest day in sports history might be upon us, in terms of events/games happening at the same time. If the NCAA Men’s/Women’s basketball, hockey, and gymnastics post season tournaments are suspended like the NBA season is, we might get all these resuming at the same time in June or July. Something that world of sport has never seen before!

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section on what you think.

*Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional*

NBA Season Suspended Because Rudy Gobert Had to Be a Child

Monday, March 9th the Utah Jazz played the Toronto Raptors in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the conclusion of the post game press conferences Rudy Gobert thought it would be a genius move to touch every single microphone and recorder.

There is no reason for this kind of behavior from an adult let alone a professional athlete!

Now because of Gobert’s idiocy the NBA season is cancelled and both Jazz and Raptors players are self-quarantined for 14-days!

Imagine thinking you’re tougher than a virus that was on the verge of a global pandemic on Monday evening. Then a short 36 hours later, the NBA season comes to a halt due to childish behavior from a player acting like five year old that needs to touch everything in site.

I would hope some people are taking this thing a little more serious than before Wednesday, March 11th. Coronavirus has more than an impact on your own health, people need to realize they putting other’s health at risk. Also, pretty much no more sports for like a month… that sucks too!

Update March 12, 2020 11:15am

Rudy Gobert’s teammate, Donovan Mitchell has tested positive for Coronavirus because he insisted on touching every one of his teammates lockers and belongings.

Rudy Gobert has to be the most hated player in the NBA right now and for the foreseeable future. End his contract and kick him out of the league!

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional*

My Top 5 Alternative Venues to Host 2020 NCAA Final Four & Elite Eight – Due to Coronavirus

According to Jon Rothstein, the NCAA is looking at shifting the 2020 NCAA Final Four and Elite Eight to smaller venues due the Coronavirus outbreak and NCAA President Mark Emmert locking out fans from the tournament.

Currently, the NCAA Final Four is scheduled to be hosted at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta that has a capacity of over 80,000 for basketball. The four Regional sites for the Elite Eight are Lucas Oil Stadium (70,000 basketball capacity) Indianapolis, Staples Center (19,067 basketball capacity) in Los Angeles, Madison Square Garden (20,789 basketball capacity) in New York City, and the Toyota Center (18,023 basketball capacity) in Houston.

So I went ahead and did all the work for the NCAA myself. Did I do anything more than google search for these, No. But with my multiple degrees in Sport Management and extensive operations background, I feel as though I qualify enough to give some say.


East Regional

Rucker Park – New York City

Capacity – about 300


  • Most historic outdoor basketball court
  • Outdoors – less likely to contract the Coronavirus
  • TV broadcast would look amazing


  • Unpredictable outdoor weather


Midwest Regional

Hoosier Gym – Knightstown, Indiana

Capacity – about 170


  • Famous gym from 1968 basketball movie Hoosiers
  • With just family and immediate important staff of teams, stands will look packed for good game day atmosphere in person and on TV


  • Might be smaller than a NCAA regulation court


West Regional

USS Midway – San Diego, CA

Capacity – 8,111

Quicken+Loans+Carrier+Classic+North+Carolina+72DaXfQBN0_l      -1cb59a340b5a9ae2college-basketball-game-played-on-an-aircraft-carrier-21


  • Carrier Classic was played from 2011-2012 for 5 games
  • Outdoors – less likely to contract the Coronavirus
  • TV broadcast would look AMAZING


  • Putting a couple hundred people on a ship with a pandemic outbreak might not be the greatest idea, but would be so aesthetic
  • Unpredictable outdoor weather

South Regional

LeBron James’s UNKNWN store – Miami, FL

Capacity – about 100



  • Outdoors – less likely to contract the Coronavirus
  • Small enough to not seem empty on TV broadcast
  • LeBron James is attached to this place


  • Definitely not NCAA regulation court size
  • Unpredictable outdoor weather

Final Four

The Palestra – Philadelphia, PA

Capacity – 8, 722



  • Philly is a historic basketball city
  • Home of the Philadelphia Big 5 Basketball Conference (Temple, Penn, La Salle, Villanova, & St. Joe’s)
  • Kobe Bryant played High School basketball games here
  • Likely only time The Palestra will ever have the chance to host such event


  • None

NCAA do the right thing after so many wrong things and use at least one of my ideas for the NCAA Tournament Regional and Final Four locations from my list!

You are welcome.


Universities Closing & Sporting Events Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional*

Harvard became one of the first Universities in the US to announce this week that they will be cancelling the remainder of the school year and that students will be forced to be off campus by Sunday, March 15th with all classes transitioning to online.

Since then, there have been many other Universities that have cancelled classes and events on campus until further notice. Including:

  • Harvard University – campus closed for remainder of semester & all classes moved to online
  • Ohio State University – campus closed & classes moved to online through March 30
  • University of Michigan – campus closed for remainder of semester & all classes moved to online. All events that gather 100+ people or more cancelled for remainder of semester (April 21)
  • UCLA – classes moved to online & cancelling gatherings of 100+ people for remainder of quarter through April 10
  • Temple University – classes end in-person on March 13 and transition to online through end of semester, students that live on-campus urged to move-out before March 21 and off-campus students encouraged to move home immediately 

There are many more Universities making arrangements an announcements as you read this. I imagine essentially every University will end the semester online and campuses will be closed for the remainder of the semester as this is where we are trending. Now, what does that mean for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, NCAA Frozen Four, NCAA Women’s Gymnastics, and all other postseason tournaments? Currently we just saw the NCAA President, Mark Emmert announce there will be no fans at the NCAA Tournament this year.


UCLA is hosting the NCAA West Regional for Women’s Gymnastics and announced yesterday that there will be no fans in attendance.  According to the current state of to purchase tickets for the Women’s Gymnastics NCAA National Championships in Fort Worth, TX, there will be NO FANS in attendance

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 8.32.18 PM

Cornell Gymnastics will not host the 2020 USAG Collegiate National Championships on the women’s side. With Cornell not hosting and I do not imagine a different institution being able to host in the current state of the country’s health and inability to travel certain places. If this meet still happens, it would have be at a neutral site in my opinion.

I do not see many NCAA postseason sporting events being hosted with fans in attendance in Basketball, Hockey, or Gymnastics. This is a developing story with news breaking by the minute, so stay tuned for more to come.