How will Society Change Post-Pandemic?

We are living through a time in history that will change the world forever. The current Global Coronavirus Pandemic has forced everyone across the world to stay home. As we all know, many of us have had to shift to working and learning from home over the internet. Unfortunately some have lost their jobs due to this change. But others have come to realize that their job can be done just as efficiently from a remote location, via the internet.

Potential Work Industry Changes

  • More jobs becoming remote
  • 3-day weekends with a remote work day
  • Less sick day shaming
  • More sick days to workers

Likely one of the biggest changes we will see in a post-pandemic world, is more jobs becoming remote. With the internet many jobs outside of the service industry are able to be done over the internet. Will we see companies become more flexible and letting employees pick their own work schedule with the ability to work from home? Will we see 3-day weekends come out of this, with the third day becoming a remote work day? I am willing to bet we will likely see less sick day shaming, and hopefully more sick days to workers.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Masks and gloves worn daily
  • More home workouts
  • Appreciating what we had

Will we see people wearing masks and gloves on a daily basis post-pandemic, even once the dust has settled. We saw this already in Asian culture, as the masks are routinely worn on a daily basis especially during travel. People will workout at home more often, my roommate and I already built an in home boxing gym in the basement. We can all agree that we really appreciate what we had, and likely took our freedom for granted.


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