Dear Beard,

Dear Beard,

We have been together since September 13, 2019, the day I decided to start “No-Shave November” almost two months early. You have been there for me through many journeys over the past seven months. From being unemployed, to moving to a new city, to Kobe Bryant passing, a Global Pandemic together, and so many more memories in between.

As the weather begins to warm-up I will not need your soft blanket on my face no more. But before we part ways lets take a look back at the good times we had over the past seven months…

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We ate a lot of Mac N Cheese, tailgated some SEMO Football, moved to Columbus, OH, watch some Ohio State Football, stormed the field at Ohio Stadium, visited the family for Thanksgiving, got a sweet new hat, hit the slopes for some gnar, celebrated Christmas, got into NCAA Hockey at Ohio State, and into a Global Pandemic.

We have gone through some bad haircuts and bad beard trims and one or two great beard trims. We never got to maintain the Dan Bilzerian or Bradley Martyn beards, but did hit something similar at the peak of the beard.

I did my best to keep you soft and smooth, and to that I can thank Cremo and The Ordinary for their products. Cremo’s Beard & Scruff Softener has been magical, and then The Ordinary’s 110% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil is some sweet oil to rub in post-shower.

The beard is still intact as of now, due to the weather not being warm enough, as it gets down to the 20s in temperature here in Columbus. As soon as there are seven straight days of the temperature reaching above 60 degrees, it will be time to part ways with you sir beard!

It is not goodbye, but see you soon…

Thanks for the memories as the weather is warming up.

-Chris Licameli



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